Spring Renewal

Spring Renewal

As we near the end of the first season of 2024, a sense of growth and transformation permeates the air. As the clichéd adage goes, each new year heralds the dawn of a fresh chapter, brimming with hopes, dreams, and resolutions. 

For me, personally, 2023 marked the end and beginning of a significant chapter as I embarked on the journey of marriage. A culmination of years of anticipation and meticulous planning, my wedding not only marked a pivotal milestone in my personal life but also cast its influence upon the canvas of Apple Barrel—a space infused with the essence of my dreams and aspirations.

Inspired by the romantic ambiance of a French countryside chateau, where love was celebrated and memories etched into the fabric of time, I've endeavored to infuse the spirit of that day into every corner of Apple Barrel this spring. From delicate blossom branches, and floral picks evoking the floral arrangements of my reception to the timeless charm of vintage-inspired drinkware and William Morris-inspired décor pieces, I hope each carefully selected piece resonates with the essence of springtime in the idyllic French countryside.

As a new year unfurls before us, I find myself reflecting on the essence of spring—its inherent energy, promise, and potential for rejuvenation. For too long, my focus had been singular, consumed by the whirlwind of wedding preparations. Yet, with the passing of that momentous occasion, a void emerged—a yearning for new purpose and direction.

In the quiet moments of introspection that followed, I grappled with the question of what lay next. For me, it was a period of withdrawal, of searching for something amidst the ebb and flow of everyday life, Yet I couldn't figure out what I was searching for. But as always a new year spurs newfound resolve to embrace new challenges, to chart a new course of self-discovery and growth.

As the vibrant hues of spring will soon be painted outside with renewed vitality, so too does it infuse my life and the heart of Apple Barrel with a sense of possibility and renewal. And as we venture into the tapestry of 2024, I eagerly anticipate the next chapter awaiting me—a chapter that I hope I can share with you soon. 

Be well,


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