Fill Your Cup

Fill Your Cup

I set up the cutest afternoon tea for a friend and I a few weeks ago. I wanted to take advantage of the one of the last warmer summer days to get some fresh air and vitamin D before the weather turned and the season changed. 

Change has been on my mind a lot lately. Change should be empowering and exciting, but more often than not the essence of change makes me feel anxious and uncertain. During the COVID-19 shutdown, Apple Barrel saw a lot of changes. Changes were made to the layout of the store, the wall colors, the flooring, the product displays, and a website was launched! I wish I could say these changes happened overnight, but they took time and they took continual, daily effort. 

September is national self improvement month. This month, I'll be working on being better about filling my own cup and practicing self care. I've been pouring from an empty cup for far too long and need to learn how to fill my own cup. 

This can be done in so many ways. Implementing that all-too-important skin care routine, taking a daily walk, keeping a gratitude journal, taking myself out to dinner, or talking with a friend. I'm encouraging you to do the same! Find your outlet, the thing you can do to re-charge and fill your cup. 

Okay, but back to tea time, let's talk about some of the details that made this such a magical experience. 

The blue and white ginger jars scream September to me. There's something about navy and September that just fits together. They contrast so beautifully with the warm tones of the fall sprays. 

I made scones and topped them with fresh blueberries and Apple Barrel jams because carbs are important. 

Harney & Sons has this fabulous red bush pumpkin spice tea that I brewed in our matte black teapot. This teapot is seriously cute and tiny and has a stainless steel steeper built right into it. 

And I had a friend with me, which made all the difference because life is like a cup of tea. It should be filled to the brim and shared with friends. 

Happy National Self Improvement Month, friends! 

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